Review - Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant

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Firebake Singapore

During the weekends, J brought me to 
Firebake Restaurant - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant along East Coast Road for dinner.
Its located along the same road as Katong I12 and Katong Laksa.
Upon arriving, the restaurant's interior really caught our eyes. 
The restaurant was filled with wood, bricks and metal and in the centre there were huge ovens.

I think the restaurant isn't air-conditioned as there were burning firewoods and the restaurant was open aired. There were fans available though.

For appetizers, we ordered the Firebake breadboard (S$10) served with olive oil and butter.
On the breadboard there are 4 types of organic sourdough loafs for us to sample - Wave (White), Field (Wholemeal), Rock (Rye) and Valley (Fruits).
I liked Rock and Valley compared to the rest. 
You can also order the individual types of bread, price ranges from S$8-13

For mains we ordered 2 to share..

Firebake Singapore

We got the Australian Prawn Capellini Aglio Olio with Sakura Ebi (S$19).
The appearance really reminds me of Saveur's Pasta, but this is much more flavourful.
The prawns' flavour and crunch of the sakura ebi went really well together and the pasta was cooked to perfection. Definitely did not disappoint and we will definitely order this again.
This feels like the western version of prawn noodles, which J & I both love.

Firebake Singapore

Next, we ordered another main, Roast Half Spring Chicken with Grilled Beans (S$23).
The chicken, including the breast meat was really tender and juicy.
We enjoyed every bite of this.

Firebake Singapore

For desserts, we ordered the Firebake Bread & Butter Pudding (S$10).

Firebake Singapore

It was served piping hot in a mini pot, the bread and butter pudding was filled with fruit loafs and egg custard. I loved how the flavours blended really well together without it being too overbearing. However, it felt a little too heavy as dessert. 


Overall, I really loved the dining experience and the food that we had.
Being a bread person, I will definitely be back for more.

Till next time xx

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