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Hello guys!!!
Back for my 2nd beauty favourites, here are my beauty favourites for the month of June 2017.


Firstly, this is my favourite product for the month of June! Its the Heimish All Clean Balm (S$16.00) which I got from Korea from my previous trip in May 2017 (I will blog about this soon, after i sort the photos). After seeing multiple good reviews online, I decided to get it to try for myself and indeed, its SUPER good for removing all the make up and dirt on my face.

Review Heimish All Clean Balm

Just look at how pretty the packaging is.

Heimish All Clean Balm 

This cleansing balm literally melts away all my make up on my face without stinging my eyes at all. In addition, its very gentle on my skin and removes even waterproof make up and mascara.

As per the description, it contains coconut extract, shea butter and donkey milk and there is a light spa aromatic scent to it which smells really good and refreshing.

Heimish All Clean Balm Review

There's a spatula provided to scoop the product out. I usually scoop around 1-2 scoops depending on how much make up to remove. You have to apply the balm on your face with dry hands and you massage your make up off. The balm if applied would be of an oil based texture that removes all your make up and dirt. For my eyes area i usually use my ring finger and circle lightly to remove my mascara and eyeliner.

Once in contact with water, it transforms into a rich milk that can be easily washed off and your face will feel super supple and moisturised after use. I love how there isn't any oil residue left as I really hate that oily feeling after cleansing my face with water.

I usually double cleanse with my Kiehl's cleanser to ensure all the make up has been fully removed.

As this is not available in Singapore yet, I've managed to find this website which was introduced by my friend. You can purchase korean products at an affordable price at Hermo. You can create an account using my promo code and you will get S$15 credit in your account which can offset your future purchases.

This is the listing for the Heimish All Clean Balm: Here

I have not tried the Banila Co Clean It Zero, but I guess it mentioned that the Heimish All Clean Balm is an upgraded version of Banila. So, I also bought the Banila Clean It Zero to do a comparison and I will link it here once its available.


Next, I believe this brand will not be new to many people. Its the Kate Liquid Eyeliner in Brown.
I think you can find this product in any Watsons Singapore.

Kate Liquid Brown Eyeliner 

My favourite eyeliner used to be the one from Maybelline, the Hyper Sharp Liner in Black, but after using this, this is my new favourite eyeliner! The Kate's tip is thinner, more refined and much easier to control on your eyelids. It glides on easily and before drying you can use a q-tip to remove any excess or mess.

Kate Liquid Brown Eyeliner 

After drying, its water-proof and smudge-proof. Even after a whole day of use and my eyelids get slightly oily, its still apparent on my eyelids. Most importantly, its in my favourite colour brown, which appears softer and more natural on my eyes than black eyeliners.

swatch Kate Liquid Brown Eyeliner

Here's a swatch of the Kate Liquid Eyeliner in Brown.


As I'm closely approaching my mid 20s, I decided that I have to make extra effort to take better care of skin. Due to work commitments, I tend to sleep really late and work really long hours which has really taken a toll on my body and skin. I did some research and compared a few brands before getting the Missha Time Revolution, The First Treatment Essence in Intensive Moist (S$40).

Review Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence

As per the description, it contains Himalaya Purple Barley and Fermented Gemmule yeast extract which helps to improve fine lines and skintone. It also hydrates, restores and rejuvenates the skin. I usually apply this after my toner, pat it lightly till fully absorbed and continue with the rest of my skincare routine (Should I do a post on my skincare routine?)

After using this diligently twice a day for a month now, I feel that my skin has became brighter and more moisturised. I've noticed that my outbreaks are lesser too especially during the 'time of the month' and my skin feels softer. I guess this is a good alternative to SK II Treatment Essence, after doing some research online. This essence would be a good start to your skincare routine.

If you are interested to try it, you can purchase it from Hermo: Here
Currently they are having a sale of 49% off, so its retailing at S$ 40 (U.P. S$79)


Next, would be my current favourite toner, Son & Park Beauty Water.
Son & Park's Beauty Water not only acts as a toner but also an extra cleanser and exfoliator that removes any remaining make up which are still left on my skin. Usually, I will just dab some on a cotton pad and apply it directly onto my face.

Review Son and Park Beauty Water

Its really quick drying and leaves my face feeling squeaky clean after use.
I think it works really well for all skin type, since I have combination skin and there has so far been no sensitivity.


For eye care, I've been loving my new SU:M 37 Secret Eye Cream. Recently, SUM:37 came to Singapore and they are available at TANGS VivoCity from 1st June 2017, so you can try their products there. They are also available online on Lazada - currently this is retailing at Lazada for S$84

Su:m 37 Secret Programming Eye Cream

After researching online, Su:m37 is definitely one of the leading brands in the korean beauty world. I love this eye cream, it really helps lighten my dark circles and keep my eye area moisturised without feeling too oily. For application, you can use the spatula to scoop a pea-sized amount onto your ring finger and dot along your eye contour and tap lightly for absorption. Alternatively, I like to use the round side of the spatula to gently massage my eye area, as it really helps to reduce any puffiness especially in the morning.

I tend to use this during my night skincare routine and I will use the Missha Geum Sul Vitalizing Stick Eye Cream: Here during my morning skincare routine. 


Last but not least, my all time favourite loose powder, the Make Up Forever - High Definition (HD) Powder (S$61) in Translucent. I've been using this for almost 8 months now and this is my favourite loose powder so far.

Make Up Forever HD Powder

After applying most of my moisturisers, sunblock and bb cream/foundation, my skin tends to be a little shiny. After setting my face with this powder, it gives my face a light matte effect and a smooth luminous finish. I love how there's no colour to this, hence it will suit every single skintone.

Make Up Forever HD Powder

For application, I will shake some powder out and apply it gently with my foundation brush.
You can also use this to "bake" your face. I really love this loose powder as it doesn't give me the feeling that its clogging my pores and my pores can still breathe through this powder.

Highly recommend!


This is the end of my June Favourites.
Hope you guys enjoyed reading it.

If you are interested to purchase the Korean Products listed above,
You can create an account using my promo code and you will get S$15 credit in your account which can offset your purchases! Save some $$

Thanks for reading guyzzzz :)

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