Review - Aura Restaurant Singapore 2017

12:43 AM

For J's birthday this year, I brought him to Aura Singapore at National Gallery for dinner. 
Aura was recommended by a friend and I booked it after seeing their positive reviews online.

Aura Restaurant Review - Portrait

Here is J acting busy with his phone.
When we arrived at the National Gallery, I already fell in love!!
Aura just made me love it even more!

Aura Restaurant - Menu

Aura's Online Menu: Here

Aura Restaurant Singapore - Portrait

Picture of me (Hello!!) and the super pretty interior of Aura Restaurant. 

We were first served with their complimentary Focaccia Bread, which I forgot to take a picture of.
It was really fluffy and went really well with their olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yums!


For our appetizers, we ordered Grilled Octopus with Crispy Egg and Corn (S$28) above and Scallops Crudo with Truffle and Smoked Quail Eggs (S$28) below.  J & I were both really impressed with both dishes. The fusion of flavours were bursting in our mouths. 

For the Grilled Octopus, it was tender, chewy and had a smoky sweet taste. The grilled octopus went really well with their mash potato and corn sauce, crispy soft boiled egg and yolk and corn kernels.
Highly recommend this!  

Aura Restaurant Singapore - Scallops Crudo with Truffle and Smoked Quail Eggs

For the scallops crudo, it is basically half-seared scallops with avocado puree, edible flowers, frisee, fish roe and smoked quail eggs. It was really savoury and fragrant. I loved every bite of it. Even J who does not like raw food gave this a thumbs up. 
Highly recommend!!

Note: I think they changed their menu so this dish is no longer available. They have a new Scallops Crudo dish - Scallops Crudo with Spring Vegetables, Grapefruit and Oscietra Caviar.
Maybe I will give this a try on my next visit to Aura.

Next, moving on to our mains..

Aura Restaurant Singapore - Smoked Duck with Foie Gras and Young Spinach

We ordered 2 mains - Smoked Duck with Foie Gras and Young Spinach (S$42) and Spagetti with Crab and Porcini (S$32)

Aura Restaurant Singapore - Smoked Duck with Foie Gras and Young Spinach

The smoked duck was soft, tender and juicy. However, the foie gras was a little overcooked for my liking and I have tasted better foie gras before, so mehhhhh. I guess the dish was nicely paired, but I got sick after I hit my 4th-5th bite. Would suggest sharing this!

Next is the Spagetti with Crab and Porcini.

Aura Restaurant Singapore - Spagetti with Crab and Porcini

I really enjoyed this dish!
The spagetti was perfectly cooked, the tomato sauce was sweet, savoury and creamy at the same time and I could taste crab meat in almost every bite. Super yums! Highly recommend.

Aura Restaurant Singapore - Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday, J.
He definitely loved his chocolate banana cake.

P.S. Aura restaurant does not offer any complimentary cakes for birthdays, so kindly order it over the phone when you make the reservation.

After dinner, we decided to enjoy the view at the bar on the 6th floor and we were really lucky that night as there was fireworks!! By the way, it is totally coincidental and unplanned. 

Overall, I would highly recommend Aura Restaurant for any special events.
Hope to be back soon to try new dishes on the menu!

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