Travelogue - Bangkok 2016

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Finally updating my Full Travelogue for Bangkok 2016.
Here's our travelogue for 5D4N


Day 1

We arrived at Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok around 4:30pm, exited the customs and purchased the DTAC Happy Tourist Card (299 baht) for 7 days unlimited data. You can find more information here
Throughout our trip, we used the GrabTaxi app for taxi transportation in Bangkok. 
I feel that its more reliable, safe and most importantly, the fares are metered. 
No more overpaying!! Yay

We stayed in Glow @ Pratunam for 4 nights. 
There was nothing to complain about, the hotel and the room was clean and comfortable. 
Most importantly, the location was really convenient. 
We just had to cross an over-head bridge to arrive at Platinum Mall.

Bagged a small gift from the BF at the airport hehe, thank you dearest <3

The view from our Hotel Room

Streets of Pratunam

Not forgetting my Must-have Thai Milk Tea when i'm in Bangkok and more street food please!!

This is like quail eggs with soya sauce

Chicken kuaytiao noodles?

We also had the famous P'Aor Tom Yum Goong Noodles for Lunch. 
Read more: Here

At night, we visited the Pratunam Night Market! I love night markets!
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Day 2

On the 2nd day, we headed to Chatuchak weekend market (Mo Chit BTS) for some shopping.
If you're going to Chatuchak, remember to bring an umbrella because its SUPER hot.

My must eat whenever i'm in Chatuchak - Yummy chicken noodles
Super love the radish

Not forgetting my favourite coconut ice cream mm mm under the scorching sun

We also headed to Victoria Monument to eat the Boat Noodles for late lunch...

FYI - Only during this trip did i realise that thai boat noodles consist of pig's blood...

I guess I was slightly disgusted?? But hey it still tasted pretty bombz, so yea still worth a try!
Forget about the pig's blood!

And we headed to Siam area for some shopping and eating before calling it a night.
Not forgetting my massage of course..
Read more about Siam: Here


Day 3

Day 3 is shopping day. We woke up early to visit the Pratunam Morning Market and also shopping at Platinum before heading to Central World and Big C Supermarket.

We had steamboat at MK Restaurant for Lunch. Do order their duck, super yummy!


Day 4 & 5

Day 4, we headed to Thonglor, The Commons for Brunch.
I guess this place is fairly popular with youngsters and tourists!

I love this place! It totally gives off a different vibe from the usual Pratunam/Siam.
Its out of the usual areas, super chill and pretty.
+1 for OOTD haha
We just randomly tried a few of their shops on Level 1 before heading upstairs for more food.

On the top level, was Roast Coffee and Eatery! We had to get their crab cake benedict.
Indeed yummy!

After chilling for many hours, we walked to Audrey Cafe for some desserts...

Audrey Cafe was super pretty, but the cake was mehhh. 
I wouldn't come back all the way for their Thai Tea Crepe Cake again.

In the evening, we headed over to Chinatown to buy some goodies and also had dinner at T&K Seafood!! Yums! We ordered so much and I feel so fat but its all worthed the calories. Haha

Tom yum soup, grilled prawns, morning glory (kang kong), steamed fish and cockles...

Not forgetting my favourite crab beehoon! 

Happy tummy, happy us.


Day 5

Time to go home but we went back to P'Aor again for the Tom Yum Goong Noodles as it was really too good!!! 

I missed you Bangkok, hope to visit again soon! :)

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