Travelogue - SIAM Bangkok Food Guide 2015/2016

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Here's a food guide for SIAM Area, Bangkok.
Refer to Part 1 Pratunam Guide: Here

Definitely one of my must-eats whenever I'm in Bangkok.
Its located in Siamsquare Soi 5
Here's a picture of their 2016 menu.

Somtam Nua Menu, Bangkok

One of the items that I will definitely order is their Signature Fried Chicken.

Som tam nua chicken wings

A closer shot of the must-eat fried chicken from SomTam Nua

 Somtam Nua Bangkok Fried Chicken Wings

Another item on the menu which I love is their Papaya Salad (SomTam)
This is their Papaya with Salted Egg Salad. 

 Somtam Nua Bangkok Somtam

 Somtam Nua Bangkok Noodles

My new found love would be this noodles. Super yummy as well.

Somtam Nua Hot & Spicy Crispy Fish

This is their 'Hot and Spicy Crispy Fish'
Its just basically fried fish with sweet chilli haha

Mango Tango
If you love Mangoes and you love icecream, then this is perfect for you.
This is also located in SIAM Square, directly opposite SomTam Nua.
The picture below was their renovated shop layout in 2016.
They have other outlets as well other than in Siam area.

mango tango siam

This used to be their old shop front, it looked like a container (the picture below)

Mango Tango Bangkok

Mango Tango Bangkok

Tried their signature mango, mango sticky rice and mango ice cream from Mango Tango.
Bangkok mangoes are always sweet and delicious so it definitely did not disappoint.
I also ordered their strawberry fruit juice to try however it was disappointing...
Overall Mango Tango is still worth visiting to satisfy your mango cravings.

After You Dessert Cafe
Another MUST VISIT would be "After You Dessert Cafe" located at Siam Paragon Basement/Ground Floor.
You have to eat their highly raved Signature Shibuya Honey Toast!

After You Signature Shibuya Honey Toast
After You Signature Shibuya Honey Toast
The toast is moist with butter and served with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.
I will always drizzle the honey syrup over the toast to complete the dessert.
Definitely worth all the calories.

Close up of After You | Shibuya Honey Toast
Some other items which I ordered.

Honestly I forgot what is this called. Let me know if you know :)

after you mango sticky rice

Mango Sticky Rice
This is like the 'bingsu' in Thailand, but honestly i prefer korea's 'bingsu'
This tasted mehhh.

I will just come back for their shibuya toast.


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