Travelogue - Pratunam Bangkok Food Guide 2015/2016

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Hello! I think most Singaporeans are pretty familiar with Bangkok.
Bangkok is famous for its shopping and food (so hungry now)
So here are some of my compiled must eat(s) in Bangkok, Thailand - Pratunam Area.

My Pratunam Food Guide

Pratunam Area/Platinum Mall
Sabx2 Soi 19 Wanton Noodles 
sabx2 soi 19 pig trotters
Sabx2 Soi 19 Pig Trotters
bangkok wanton noodles, sabx2 soi 19
Sabx2 Soi 19 Wanton Noodle
The food is good, but overall I find it quite overrated.
If you would like to taste it without flying to Bangkok, now you can.
More reviews here:

Address: 4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19
Opening Hours: 9am~
A very, very common 'must visit' spot for most Singaporeans.
Very famous for its fragrant wanton noodles, pig trotter and pork knuckle rice.

Note: The noodles are very small portioned. Advised to order minimum a large bowl for 1 pax. 
Definitely NOT the best wanton noodles out there, but worth giving it a try.
They have a shop in Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. I heard it tastes pretty similar.

Platinum Mall Food Court Mango Sticky Rice
The most famous district for shopping in Bangkok

platinum mall mango sticky rice

My favourite must-eat in Platinum Mall, especially after a long day of shopping!
I heard their basil pork rice is pretty decent as well. Some other favourites would be their papaya salad and oyster omelette with HUGE oysters... which caused me food poisoning during a past trip (so its at your own risk). 

Pratunam Street Food
I love streetfood! Love their thai coconuts, orange juice, bbq squids/sotongs, chicken, eggs, papaya salad and more!!! But this is one of my favs ever (introduced by my friend).
Its something like Sg Roti Prata, just that a much nicer and crispier version + condensed milk.
You can choose what flavours you want like chocolate, strawberry, nutella etc.
I love the chocolate one. Yums!

pratunam must eat street food

Chicken Kuaytiao Noodles
Randomly found this under the Ratchaprarop Station. I really liked the taste its like a combination of sweet and sour. I tastes pretty similar to the one in Chatuchak Market.

Opposite the chicken noodles store they have a drinks stall.
 I love their Milk Tea. It came in a super cute packaging (I forgot to take a picture) - but its a popcorn box filled with a plastic wrapped milk tea inside. Yes it was huge and cheap, very.

More MUST EATS in Bangkok can be found at

I will definitely try more of it when I visit Bangok again.

Thanks for reading. 

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