How to avoid PICKPOCKETS in Paris or Europe or Anywhere

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Hello all!!!
This is going to be a wordy post.

Before heading to Europe, I was warned of the professional pickpockets (especially in Paris). 

I guess I was pretty sure I was able to take good care of my personal belongings.
However, this trip truly proved otherwise. They are really SO good at it. 

I was almost a victim.

The Palace of Versailles Paris

We visited The Palace of Versailles (In Paris), its one of the largest and most visited castles in the world. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-visit when you are in France. 

So how did it happen???

It happened in one of the rooms. The place was SO crowded and I was separated from my travel companions. I was busy taking photos when a lady came up to me and asked me to help her take a photo with her Samsung mobile phone. She was definitely decent looking and not suspicious at all (Like duh which thief looks like a thief right?)

I decided to move backwards as the photo was too closed-up. I turned back before moving as I was afraid I might knock into anyone and 2 men behind me quickly moved away. I helped her with another photo before walking off. My bag was beside me the whole time. It wasn't even behind me and the zip was opened. I was really so shocked and began checking if anything was missing. 
Fortunately, I didn't bring my wallet and passport out that day. Nothing was missing. 

This is only ONE of the many ways of how they work. I've heard quite a lot of stories. Most of them work with accomplices and when one steals, the others will block you. What I find more amusing is, no one will help you ?!?! Even if you report them to authorities, chances are like finding a needle in a haystack.

The Palace of Versailles Paris

How to avoid being pickpocketed? 

1. Don't bring too much around - Try not to bring too much cash and credit cards around with you. Don't put all your money in 1 place. Try to split them evenly.

2. Take good care of your personal belongings at all times - Put them infront of you. Put important items like your mobile and money into a smaller compartment inside your bag or put them right at the bottom of your bag. (This will be more tedious for pickpockets) Of course, you have to get a better quality bag otherwise they will just cut the strap. 

3. Be alert at all times - Look around? Try to stay in groups, avoid crowds and do not flaunt your cash. 

4. Take safety precautions - You can purchase a cloth bag to hang it around your neck under your clothing. I put my passport and most of my cash inside (Feels safest to me) 

5. Leave nothing unattended - This does not need explanation...

6. Avoid donating money to the needy - Not that we are selfish but seriously its better to be safe than sorry. Try not to take money out from your wallet. I guess donating spare coins which are already on your hand is fine...


Anyway, these are just some tips which I find useful.
Hope this helps and wish everyone safe trips to Europe :)

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  1. great tips! next time be more cautious :)