Tokyo Guide Sept 2013 (Part 5) | Imperial Palace/Ginza/Shinjuku

8:55 PM

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Ok finally this is my last post for my Tokyo trip, although its DAMN backdated.
Headed to Imperial Palace in the morning.

Saw these pretty swans :) 

Hello kitty flowers for you? 

I wanted to get the My Melody luggage but it was pretty costly...

We walked around Ginza and found this building at some corner.
It was a small cozy restaurant. The food was yummy!! 

For dinner, we headed to Shinjuku for this buffet dinner which was pretty costly.
We heard recommendations from the Hotel Staff so we came here to try the buffet!

Overall it was NORMAL, not really that fantastic :(

Took the flight back to SG!!!

My favourite loots of the trip all my Melody stuff :)

End of my Tokyo Guide :) 

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