My Must Eat(s) - Saveur Singapore

4:55 PM

I guess most people living in Singapore would have heard of "Saveur"
So here are my must eat(s) at Saveur, cheap and affordable french food in Singapore!

Its even listed on

Ladyironchef's Singapore Top 20 Inexpensive Restaurants 

saveur pasta

This is their Saveur Pasta S$4.90
Its a pretty small serving but I just love their combination of dried shrimps, sauce and pasta.
Definitely a must try.

saveur apple foie gras

Apple Foie Gras S$9.90
They have 2 different Foie Gras, but I prefer this Apple one.
I have a soft spot for sweet stuff.

saveur duck confit

And their highly raved Saveur Duck Confit S$12.90
The combination of duck, mash, mushrooms and orange is just delicious.
Its one of the most affordable and yummy duck confit I have tasted.
Some duck confits I ate at other restaurants are just dry and not juicy.
Saveur's Duck Confit is juicy and yummy.

I have tried both their outlets (Purvis & Far East) and so far, both taste pretty similar. 
Will definitely go back again :) 

Thanks for reading.

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