Tokyo Guide Sept 2013 (Part 4) | Ginza/Tokyo Tower/Ameyoko/Harajuku

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Day 4

Headed over to Ginza after the Pokemon Centre (Part 3)
Ginza is known as Japan's "Orchard Road".

The crazy 10+ stories Uniqlo. 


Headed over to Akanebashi Station in the evening to see the Tokyo Tower!

Sorry picture quality abit bad.

We visited the Main Obsevatory (150m) for ¥820 per person. It was the adult price.

Tokyo's night view from 150m. I was kinda disappointed like we had to see things through the glass panel.

We took a family photo together for keepsake!

Then, we headed over to a random shop at Shinjuku Station for dinner

Day 5

We headed to Ueno Station/Ameyoko Street.
Ameyoko Street - they sell many ranges of CHEAP food products and some CHEAP shopping.
Not many tourists know of this place compared to Shibuya(Very expensive) ...

HEHE this was like the coolest thing I saw in Japan
It was moving up and down on its own.
Ok fine there was a bar behind it but its still cool.

Sushiiii for lunch again YAY

Throughout the entire trip, I think my dad was the only one who wasn't really enjoying Japan
My dad is the super traditional old man (stubborn) kind. But he was really sweet to just spend this week of 'family time' with us. Its been so long since four of us had travelled together (since i was sec 2 ok).
Throughout this trip my dad was like the maid (haha help us carry things) and I guess sushi (cold stuff) isn't really his cup of tea. No wonder he rejects BKK so much because he know he confirm die. LOL

We bought like so many stuff from Ameyoko. The shopping was also quite reasonably priced.

There's this restaurant near my hotel, the food tasted soooo good.
I love love love the cold noodles. Its amazing. And guess what?
I realised its like a "fast food" in Japan. I found like a few more similar stores.
I still thought i ate something special.

We headed over to Harajuku at night!

Harajuku is known as one of the favourite places for Teenagers to hang out. I found it o-k-a-y.
I loved the crepe though and the cute Calbee shop. Shopping was ok-ok.

Next post will be the last post & i've added a "Travel" tab above for easy access :)
Thanks for reading x

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