Tokyo Guide Sept 2013 (Part 3) | Tsukiji Market/Pokemon Center

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Part 1 of the trip: Here
Part 2 of the trip: Here


Day 4

Headed to the (MUST VISIT) Tsukiji Market
We took the Oedo Line to Tsukiji Shijo station. It took around 20 mins from Shinjuku.
Take the Exit A1 and you will enter via the main gate. 

If you would like to see Tuna Auctions and have the real life experience of the wholesale market, you are recommended to head over here before 9am. We reached around 10am so most of the shops were already clearing up & no tuna auctions .. 

There are many restaurants available. 
Most of the prices were almost similar, I'm not too sure about their standards but 
I read many reviews online and they said the top 3 restaurants were -
1. Sushi Dai 
2. Daiwa Sushi 
3. Sushizanmai (Outermarket)

2. Daiwa Sushi 
1. Sushi Dai
We went to queue for the best restaurant of course. It took like 2-3 hours of waiting...
There was only like 12-15 seats available in the restaurant and they let you enter by batch.
The picture above only shows the next batch of people entering the restaurant ok.
We waited like at least 3 batches :( 

When we were queueing we explored and asked around like some of the local shop owners, they just said all the sushi tasted the same, and said it was ridiculous tourists will always queue for those few restaurants.  

Interior of Sushi Dai
I'm not too sure about the rest but for Sushi Dai, most people order the course meals.
They have 2 types.

Omakase Course (¥3,900) - 10 pieces of sushi chosen by the chef + 1 piece fish of your choice + 1 sushi roll, rolled egg and miso soup 

Jyou Sushi (¥2,500) - 7 pieces of sushi chosen by the chef + 1 sushi roll, rolled egg and miso soup

You can also order piece by piece.

Steamed Rolled egg which tasted heavenly.
There was a shop nearby Sushi Dai & Daiwa Sushi that sold steam rolled eggs (cold) which was amazing too. I really liked the crab+ egg combi from that shop!! We bought like 3 servings while queueing for Sushi Dai LOL (We were that hungryyyyy)

Picture of the shopfront:

The tuna really melted in my mouth. Droollssss

I can't remember what are all these fishes exactly but it all tasted fresh and yummy.
I hate fishes which are filled with bones, i can barely even accept UNAGI. 


All the sushi tasted really fresh and yummy but I wasn't really that satisfied...
Firstly, I hate wasabi. Most sushi in Japan are filled with wasabi. BUT the chefs in Sushi Dai understands chinese so lucky me!
Secondly, NO SALMON AT ALL?! I was anticipating to try the freshly caught salmon but in Japan, salmon is considered a cheap fish, I had to separately order it. I realised that the supermarket standard salmon was already so yummy i couldn't resist ok. So sad I couldn't try it at the fish market :(

 I hope to be able to go back to try the other shops, in hope to try my freshly caught salmon !


We headed over to Daimon Station to visit the Pokemon Centre located at Shiodome Shibarikyu Building 2.
It was basically just a shop selling Pokemom merchandises. Just an experience to see it :)
We bought 2 Pokeballs as souvenirs.

Sorry that I have to split to so many posts but seriously its a lot of pictures.
Thanks for reading :)

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