Tokyo Travel Guide Sept 2013 (Part 1) | Shinjuku/Shibuya

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(23 Jan 2014)
Hi all, I am back from blogging and here are my backdated posts!!!



Day 1

I planned a short getaway with my family of 4 to Tokyo, Japan for 7 days. (6 Sept - 12 Sept'13)
We purchased a good deal from Singapore Airlines at S$700+ (2 way) to Tokyo (HND Airport).
But to be honest because it was cheap (Normal rates are S$1k+ for SIA), the timing really sucked.
We reached Tokyo around 11pm (+9GMT Tokyo Time)

singapore airlines food

We booked a private car service to our hotel as Taxis in Tokyo are really expensive.
We booked the car from
For 4 of us it costed around JPY10,500 (S$136.50)
For a cheaper alternative - Public transport
For us, we weren't able to make it to the hotel with public transport after arriving in Tokyo at 11pm+

We resided in this apartment hotel - Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo.
The nearest MRT was Shinjuku Gyoen-mae.
It was really reasonably priced & comfortable.
Most importantly it is "CLEAN".

citadines shinjuku tokyo

Before heading to Japan, i pre-ordered a data sim card "b-mobile VISITOR SIM 1GB Prepaid".
It costs ¥3,980 = S$51.33 (Yes its that expensive)
You can either selfcollect at the airport (But the counter was already closed when i reached) so i opted for the free delivery service to my hotel the next day! I used the sim card to navigate around Tokyo (incase i/we got lost).

b mobile visitor sim

Day 2

We woke up early to explore around our hotel and we found Yoshinoya!
I heard its better than Singapore's so we headed in to try!

Yoshinoya in Tokyo Japan

We ordered the beef bowl (Honestly its rly nicer than SG) and a pork bowl (which I didn't really fancy as I'm not a pork person).


And we headed to Shinjuku Gyoen-mae to go to Shinjuku station to get our Seica card.
Seica cards are only available at JR East Stations.
So we got the one-way ticket from Shinjuku Gyoen-mae to Shinjuku station for ¥160

Shinjuku Gyoen-mae train station
In Tokyo, there are toilets and food vendors within the stations.
You are allowed the eat/drink or even throw rubbish within the stations.
One-way ticket :)

Suica card with personalised names!
The suica card costs ¥2000. ¥500 for deposit and ¥1500 for usage.
Its something like Singapore's EzLink Card. You can top up once its low on value.

So we headed to Shinjuku for lunch.
Out of curiosity, we headed to the supermarket to take a look.
The food (sashimi, seafood, EVERYTHING) were soooooo freshhhh.

I guess the only problem in Japan is the language barrier. I really can't speak Japanese...
I bought some scallops and salmon sashimi to try, but the packaging were all without soyu.
So I had to ask around/look around. After 30 mins they finally understood what I meant. 
Nearly died.

Alice in Wonderland Cafe Tokyo Japan

For a light lunch we headed to the Alice In Wonderland Cafe located at Odakyu Dept Store.
Still super full from the Yoshinoya. My dad was like "Crazy breakfast eat rice"
I feel that its okay what... Right?

The super cute interior!!!


Brownie Heart thingy that tasted normal...
Quoted from my sis it was VERY NICE
Some pizza thing which also tasted normal
Honestly there's no great food here. Just nice for sightseeing ok.
Headed over to Shibuya for some shopping.

Will blog about Shibuya more on the next post!!

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