Tokyo Travel Guide Sept 2013 (Part 2) | Shibuya/Sanrio Puroland

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Day 2

You can read Part 1 of the trip: HERE
After hours of shopping at Shibuya, we headed to Genki Sushi for dinner!

There's also Genki Sushi in Singapore at Orchard.
But I guess it will definitely taste better here right? ( I haven't tried SG one yet)

Night Streets of Shibuya

And yes these are how huge the shops are here in Tokyo.
Even Uniqlo has 7 floors (CRAZY)


The prices were almost similar, mostly cheaper by like S$5-10 only. And some seasonal sales items etc.
Most clothings/apparels were like entering the wintery season so I didn't really have much to bring back to Singapore. My favourite buy was this Leather Jacket from Forever 21 which costed me less than S$40

Day 3

We had our breakfast near just beside the Shinjuku Gyoenmmae Sub Station!
Breakfast at Tullys Coffee, It tasted normal... nothing fantastic.

Then we took the train from Shinjuku Gyoenmmae > Shinjuku > Tama Center (Via Keio Line)
It was like almost an hours' journey...
Finally we are here!!!! 

So only my sister and I headed in, my parents shopped around the area. 
My mom found the ¥100 shop (DAISO) and went crazy there. #totallyunexpected
Even the Neoprints costed ¥100 if i didn't rmb wrongly. CRAZY

We/(I) bought quite alot of (My melody) souvenirs back.

We headed to the Character Food Court for lunch.
Whats cool is that you can bring home the plates and lunchboxes etc. after you've finished your meals!!!
Prices were quite reasonable and the food was yummy. 

We queued almost an hour for this (STUPID) My Melody Ride. Honestly all the rides were all damn kiddy, no thrill at all. We didn't even bother trying all the rides. My sister was really sweet to insist we queue up for this ride because it has my favourite character, My melody. I don't think I'll ever come back here again, maybe till I have kids? 

Oh and we didn't go to Disneyland during this trip as we headed there before a few years back!

For dinner we headed back to our Hotel Area to eat COCO Curry.

Potato salad ( I LOVE) and some chicken salad.

All were reasonably priced, and it was recommended by my bestfriend who just visited Tokyo like 1 month ago. It was really good.

And we went to 7 11 to buy some sushi and tibits back to the hotel to eatttt :)


Shall try to blog the rest of the days into the next post!
Thanks for reading :) 

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