Jushin Jang @ Katong

1:52 PM

One of my favourite Korean BBQ/food - Jushin Jang @ Katong!
Its like really one of the best korean food I've eaten.
I haven't tried Big Mama though, heard its pretty good from my friends...

Jushin Jang is directly opposite I12, next to this Bak Kut Teh shop (which i will blog about too)

So at Jushin Jang, we are given tea and ice water and some 'pills' to purify your water.
Ok, i thought it was pills but its actually hand towels. You pour water over it and it will grow. 

My favourite part about korean food is LOTS OF SIDE DISHES!!!! 

So the buffet comes with a soup base for each person and unlimited pork/meat.
The servings are pretty huge... so i suggest you ask the waiter to assist you in ordering.
The price is around $40++/person after GST & Service charge for dinner buffet.
Considered quite expensive compared to 2D1N/etc.

I've tried Manbok, and I still prefer Jushin Jang~~~
Another cheaper alternative would be 2D1N (Around 20+/person)

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