How to bake yummy kinder bueno chocolate muffins

11:39 PM

I improvised my muffins from this recipe, added and changed some stuff!!!
Anyway, i always think that cupcakes and muffins are the same.
So i found out, actually they are different.
Cupcakes are with toppings/icings, while muffins, are just the 'muffin' alone.

Chocolate fudge cakes

So first you preheat the oven to around 190 degrees.
A word of advice, after you bake the muffins for about 15mins, you can lower the temperature,
otherwise it might be 'chao ta' (burnt).
Because different oven is different. Usually what i do, i'll monitor,
and like in this case, its 20mins, i'll put 190degrees till like 10-15mins, then i'll lower to 140degrees. 

- 150g melted/softened butter
- 150g sugar
- 3 medium eggs beaten
- 125g flour for baking
- 25g cocoa powder
- 1 tablespoon milk (I used chocolate milk)
- chocolate chips (depends how much you want)
- kinder bueno (3 bar = 1.5 packet) crushed

Mix all the wet ingredients, butter, sugar, eggs, 
then sift the flour and cocoa powder into the mixture.
Add the tablespoon of milk, and add the crushed kinderbueno!
Then add the chocolate chips!

Pop them into the oven for around, 15mins with 190 degrees,
then you can use a toothpick to put into the cupcakes.
Ensure that the toothpick isn't wet then you can take them out to cool.

Put the cupcakes on a rack to cool for around 10-15minutes.
Then you can eat them!!!! 
You can keep them for like 3 days, in a airtight container :)

Doneeee!!! Yummy !!!

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