Pulau Ubin Stay Review by Deal.com.sg (DAY 2)

1:24 PM

Now is Pulau Ubin Day 2!
We woke up like 7am and went for some cycling before breakfast!

This is the free breakfast that was consisted in the deal! Looks not bad right?
And the restaurant here is really not bad too. The only eating place available!
There were also welcome drinks which were punches.

The super cute dog which everyone likes!!
Looks like the Scooby Dooo the Baby dog. Forgot the name!

Lunchtime! We have the free Lobster Spagetti! 
It was pretty good too :) Same restaurant..

Overall, I think that It was a great experience as I haven't been to Pulau Ubin for ages.
But i didn't go to Chek Jawa and the Cycling paths cause my mom & dad couldn't take it.
Next time I will visit those places. But definitely, its a great getaway from your city life!

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