Pulau Ubin Stay Review by Deal.com.sg (DAY 1)

9:51 AM

During the weekend, I went to Pulau Ubin with my family for a weekend get-away!
We bought our deal from deal.com.sg and this is my review of my stay.
This post will be on Day 1


We took the ferry from Changi Ferry Terminal.
You have to pay $2.50 per person and the trip to Pulau Ubin takes around 10-20 minutes.

When we reached Pulau Ubin, we were supposed to go to Celestial Resort.
The distance from the Port to Celestial Resort is 2.4 km and I recommend that you guys take the vans there. 
The weather there is also really hot. The heat seems to be able to burn through your skin into your bones. Although in Singapore it is also very hot, it is just on the outer skin but in Pulau Ubin its seriously very hot!


We had to wait for 2pm to check in into our apartment :)
Its like a chalet kind of apartment. 2 stories, 2 rooms and 2 toilets.


I love the scenery in Pulau Ubin. 
Its like a getaway of city life and definitely memorable if you go with people you love :)


We then went for out 2-hr fish spa.
The fish spa there is really quite good and there are 2 pools
One with big fishes and one with smaller fishes. You can try both.
 We also had fish feeding on another pool in Celestial Resort.

We then cycled out (2.4km x 2) To and fro for dinner near the Port.


We had to go back before the sun was down as there are NO lampposts there!!!
The dinner was quite good and quite cheap too :)
The places here reminds me of old Singapore.
Can't wait for Day 2?

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